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Love and friendships

Love and friendships

Love and friendships

Love and friendships. In this post, we will discuss the most interesting topic of love and friendships. It looks very simple but in actual it is very complicated. If someone will ask you a question regarding love and friendships then you won’t be able to define it. So we have discussed love vs friend. Also, we discussed the difference between friendship and love, friendship love vs romantic love, and love friendship status. There is a battle between friendship vs love and no one can explain who is going to win. Even no one can define the emotions in words. That’s why we have brought the difference between love and friendship psychology with some case studies. Whatever you will read is shared by researchers and the psychologist. So you can easily trust on it and take great knowledge from it.

Love and friendships


1. Love and friendships
2. Love vs friend or love and friendships
* What is love?
* What is friendship love?
* How friendship love arises
* Romantic love
* What to do and don't in a romantic love 
* How romantic love arises
3. Love and friendships quotes
4. Love friendship status
5. Love and friendship difference
6. Love and friendship devotional
7. Self-love and friendships

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The battle between love and friendships


  • Love vs friend Battle or love and friendship

love vs friend
love vs friend


  • What is love

According to the definition of psychology in simple words, you can say that love means when you care for someone and love to spend the time with that person. Love always gives some sensational feeling when we are with our lover or partner. There are two types of love friendship love vs romantic love. So you will feel something good when you talk about that person. This is called love.

  • Friendship Love

There is a difference between friendship and love. But people think that both things are similar. If you are talking about friendship love then it means you are talking about your friend whom you love the most and do care of him or her. This is one of the most difficult questions to answer if you are a friend with the opposite gender for a long time. Because you don’t know when romantic love will arise in your heart. Even after getting the romantic love you would not understand it. You stay active with your friend but when someone will ask you about your friendship love then you will get stuck and can’t answer.

At that time you will be under stress that what you should do, how will you get it that what you feel for your friend, how you have to express it, etc. You fear to say that thing to your friend. Sometimes opposite cases arise, you think that you have some feelings for your friend but in actual it is just a friendship love and not more than that. And because of this thing, you lose your friendship love also. There are so many reasons through which you can arise the friendship love.

love vs friend
love vs friend

  • How friendship love arises

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  1. Spending more time with someone
  2. Loving the nature of someone
  3. Having common things in character
  4. If you have an attractive personality
  5. You are good in academics, sports or any other extracurricular activities
  6. You have a helping nature heart
  7. If you have good communication skills and good behavior
  8. If show respect towards people of all type of ages
  9. Most important if you have a good sense of humor
  10. This is also very important that you are a positive person means you stay positive and bring happiness around you and your friends.

There are many more reasons but we have covered only the top 10 reasons that arise friendship love between friends. We have collected this information through case studies and research work. We have also taken the vies of a psychologist on it.

  • Romantic love

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I think everyone was waiting for this element that is romantic love. If you want to understand it then first you have to understand romantic love. You must know the definition of love and friendships. Because we can never explain our romantic love in words. If you are caring for someone and spending time with that person then you love that person. And if you can talk openly in front of that friend then it is a friendship love and not a romantic love.

Because if you in romantic love mean if you love someone and planning to grow old with that person then you can never talk openly in front of that person. You will always think something in your mind and then says it. You think about the consequences that what will happen if you say this and you also think that if he or she breaks the friendship and stop talking to me then what will I do. So this is a general and workable way to get it whether you are in romantic love or not.

Love and friendships
Love and friendships

  • What to do and don’t in a romantic love 
  1. Make your love happy all the time
  2. Share your secrets with your partner and take their advice
  3. Go for the movies and other places together and spend some time together in a positive way
  4. In fighting, don’t go away but talk with your partner and clear all the misunderstandings
  5. Give and take the gifts, this is a very beautiful way to make your partner happy
  6. Always stay with partner in problems and never leave them in adversities
  7. Improve your sense of humor because it is the most important thing in a powerful bonding
  8. Never doubt on your romantic love
  9. Do respect of your partner and talk with good behavior
  10. Never slap or abuse your partner
  11. Always try first to talk in any kind of misunderstandings
  12. Enjoy the company of your partner and say thanks for it

These are the 12 best ways defined by the psychology to do and don’t in romantic love.

  • How romantic love arises
  • love vs friend
    love vs friend

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  1. A beautiful body is one of the most important reasons to arise, romantic love.
  2. The good heart is also very important becasue most of the people search for the good heart people
  3. Respecting emotions is also plays a major role to arise this kind of love
  4. Spending more time with a single person regularly
  5. Making someone feel special for him or her
  6. An attractive personality that consists of good dressing sense, good behavior, confidence, etc.
  7. Great knowledge and experience of a sense of humor
  8. Having some big achievements in some fields because we have seen it in many cases that the person who is well settled that person has many lovers.
  9. Time spend love- I know this is funny but sometimes we indeed do time pass love with someone and later we don’t know how but we come in real romantic love and we do care of it.
  10. Physically fit and having a mature mentality and thinking skills.
  11. The cuteness of a boy or a girl. This is one of the most important causes of romantic love. You must have to felt this thing in your personal life that someone cute you start to love her or him.
Learn it

This is a very interesting battle between Love vs friend. So now we are moving towards some other keywords on which our battle will work and bring the best outcomes. So that people can understand this love vs friend and love and friendship perfectly. By reading this post about the difference between friendship and lover then you will never get fail in your friendship love vs romantic love. I hope you understand love and friendships well yet now. Continue the post to see some other interesting things about love and friendship.


  • See Love and friendships quotes
  • what is friendship love
    love and friendship status

If you are reading love and friendship quotes then definitely you will get motivate towards your love and friendship. As we all know that whenever we talk about the quotes the first thing that comes in our mind is catchy lines. Quotes are always written in a catchy way and because of that thing, it makes people motivate towards the title of the quotes. So we should always read the love and friendship quotes and also share it with our friendship vs love so that they can also get motivated. Now some examples of catchy love and friendships quotes.

Some Quotes
  1. Friends should be like a mirror and shadow because the mirror never lies and shadow never leaves.
  2. A good friend stays in a problem but not in happiness
  3. A true best friend is like an angel who keeps us safe, secure, and good prayers for us
  4. One true friend is better than 1000 of fake friends
  5. A true friend hide your weakness in public and tell your weakness in alone
  6. A true best friend or friendship love believe in giving more than taking
  7. Love is love when love loves you
  8. Love becomes love when there are emotions and not business
  9. A friend can be love but love can never be a friend
  10. Love is life when life is love

These are some most perfect and famous love and friendship quotes that give you goosebumps. Do comment and drop one love and friendship quotes and we share that in our post.

  • Love friendship status
Love and friendships
Love and friendships
  1. It makes life happy
  2. Friends and Love help to get success and mature
  3. A true best friend is a diamond under the coal
  4. Love brings light in life
  5. A true friend needs friendship love not gifts and money
  6. Love teaches the lesson of unity and integrity
  7. A true friend is a shadow when there are adversities
  8. Love vs friend never defeat and never win
  9. Life is heaven when friends are an angel
  10. Friends are star and love is a moon

These are some famous and most useful love friendship status. I hope this love friendship status has arisen something in you. Do comment and tell us one thing about the love friendship status. We want your opinion on this. We promise that we will share your view in this post.

friendship love vs romantic love
friendship love vs romantic love
  • Love and friendship difference

We have already told you about the love and friendship difference in deep. So you can read it and understand it well. But we want to add only one thing here that is our opinion

                                                                                                 ” A friend can be love but love can never be a friend”

This is one of the most important and valuable love and friendship difference. To understand it and go through it deeply. This will make your love and friendships both successful.

  • Love and friendship devotional
  • love and friendship status
    love and friendship status

Many times you will see that people are getting devotional in love and friendship and becasue of that thing they get into depression most of the time. Love and friendship devotional play a very major role in making love vs friend battle end negatively. If you well stabled and not behaving like a dog then definitely you will achieve everything and everyone. But if you are becoming a dog and you are barking on the other’s order weather that one is your love or friend then you will always stay sad and in pain.

You need to take your stand and you must have the capabilities to make your love vs friend understandable. This is how you can be normal and happy as well as you can keep your relation super awesome. You need to get love and friendship devotional well. You dont need to do worship of anyone. Just respect your love and friendships. What you think just comment and let us know.

  • Self-love and friendships

Self-love and friendship. If you are saying that you love someone then first you need to do self-love only then you can love others. In terms of friendship also self-love is very important. Never say that if you are doing self-love then you are selfish. It is not like that. Self-love shows you take care of yourself and so you can take care of others also. Self-love and friendships have a common thing that is love and not more than that.

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Friends share your comment about love and friendships quotes, love friendship status, friendship love vs romantic love, and self-love and friendships.



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