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What is best friendship

What is best friendship

What is best friendship

What is best friendship
What is best friendship

If you ask the question to someone that what is friendship. No one can explain what is friendship effectively. Because there is not any tool through which you can measure friendship and share the definition of friendship. There are too many queries such as what makes a best friend, what does a best friend do, girl best friend definition, who is your best friend, and what is a true best friend, etc. In this post, you will get a quality answer regarding all those queries and make yourself a true friend of anyone. In today’s era, if you will take a light and search for the best friend even then it is very difficult to catch it.

Nowadays everyone is too selfish, they all are thinking about themselves, etc. So what are the factors through which you can catch what is a true best friend? If you want to bring happiness in your life, solve problems of your life, make your life interesting and full of enjoyment then you need a true best friend. You may be thinking that someone is your best friend but maybe that one is not your best friend.


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Best friend contents


1. what is best friendship
2. What makes a best friend
3. What does a best friend do
4. The definition of best friend
5. Characteristics of a best friend
6. What is a true best friend
7. Girl best friend definition
8. Best friends Quotes
9. Really sweet definition a best friend forever
10. What to do when you are not your best friends best friend
11. who is your best friend
12. Bestfriend or Best friend
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In this, we have discussed the points of this post that has been shared in this post


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Case Study and psychology views

Most of the case studies in big universities show that in more than 60% of cases it happens that we think someone is our best friend but in actual that one is not our best friend. And it comes in our mind when we are in a problem and we need some kind help from someone and that person is not coming for help. So at that time, it hurts a lot. To safe, yourself from that kind of situation in your life just continue this post and get the definition of best friend and characteristic of a best friend. We have read a lot of case studies of universities and also taken a suggestion of psychologist and then we are sharing this post. So this post is going to help you much more in your life and make it happier and better.


What makes a best friend

1. Nature

Most of the case studies say that if someone has a good nature such as a good way of talking, giving response is better, etc. Then that person can easily become a true best friend of anyone. Because people are going to like you and love you. They will trust you and love to talk to you. In simple words, we can say that if you have a good heart that always thinks about others and brings happiness in other’s life then you can become the best friend of anyone.

2. Honesty

If you are honest and not doing cheating with your friend. You are sharing required things to your friend and also explaining everything in a good way then it is very simple for you to become the true best friend of anyone in a couple of days. People say honesty is the key to success but I say honesty is the key to happiness. Never break the trust of anyone then it will be better for you to get a true best friend in your life who will never break your trust and never leave you in difficulty.

3. Helping nature

If helping others nature is in your blood then nothing is better then this quality. Because suppose you normal friend is in problems and you stand with him till the last then that normal friend will trust you and come closer to you. That person will spend more time with you and trust you. Your helping nature will bring your normal friend closer to you and make them a true best friend. A true best friend can easily define what is best friendship just by giving the example of his best friend.

If you are a normal friend of someone and that person is going in the wrong direction because of some bad elements of society and you are helping that friend and stopping him from going in the wrong direction then, in the beginning, he will angry with you. But when you do continue hard work on it and take him out of the bad field then definitely he will respect you and automatically you will become the true friend of him.

4. Mentor

If you are good at sports, academics or any other field and you are teaching that thing to someone by heart. Then after some time, you will see that your best will start to respect you and always talk to you regarding improvement in different fields such as sports, academics, etc. If you are a mentor doesn’t matter whether you are younger or elder then your normal friend but the thing that matters is that you are helping someone to improve themselves. So it will help you go closer and become a true best friend of someone.

5. Postive man

A man who always talks about the negativity or the one who always spread negativity, people don’t like to talk to that person even they don’t want to go to closer to that person. But if you talk opposite to this then people who are positive and spread positivity, keep people happy that man has a true best friend. If you want you can see this thing practically in your life. You also go away from the people who always talk about rubbish and negative things but you love to stay with a positive person. Because positive always makes you laugh and motivate you. Always overcome your pressure, stress, and tension.

6. Good sense of humor

This is funny but this is a great quality of true best friend that he has a good sense of humor. That one always makes a joke in the group, do mimicry os, someone, also do acting of friends, teachers, etc, and bring some kind of positive vibes in the group. You will see it that because of that one person the whole group is happy and laughing too much. This is a good deed to bring a smile on someone’s face. Nowadays people don’t think about others but a true best friend always thinks about his best friend.

7. Common things

It has also got in the case studies that people who have common things in their life most of the time they become the best friends. They also understand each other very well as compared to other friendship bonds. Maybe you have also seen the same thing in your life that your best friend has some common things. That attracts you towards that person.

girl best friend definition
girl best friend definition
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What does a best friend do

  1. Help you stay away from the bad deeds
  2. Never leave you in the difficulties and adversities
  3. Keep you happy most of the time
  4. Improve your personality and your character also
  5. Spend most of the time with you
  6. Trust on you in adversities
  7. Never cheat you and break your trust
  8. Share things with you and follow your instructions
  9. Never viral anything that is secret between both of you
  10. Always motivate you and overcome your pressure, stress, and tension
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What is best friendship
What is a true best friend

Characteristic of a best friend

Characteristic of a best friend. You can not count it because we only see the big things that are transparent to us but there are many things which we never know but our true best friend always does for us. For example in our child age when we were in school maybe you have also experienced this that you have got the homework from the teacher and you have not done it.

The next day when you reached school and the teacher was asking for the homework you have given your copy which you though empty but the teacher started to appreciate you and you got a shock. later when you have seen your copy, you have got your homework on it and you had no idea who has done it. You asked is with your friends and they said no. Becasue your best never do show off but in actual your friend had done that work. Like this, there are so many small things that we don’t know but our true best friend does it for us.

You can not calculate the characteristic of a best friend even then we have highlighted the characteristic of a best friend. So that you can understand it and respect the true best friend

Hidden characteristic of a best friend
  • He always takes care of you
  • Never show you what he has done for you and how he helped you
  • Manage the time for you
  • Always respect you
  • If anytime misunderstanding arises then he will talk to you and clear the misunderstanding instead of fighting and stop talking
  • A true best friend never listen to the other’s point who talks about his friend and share everything with the friend
  • Never break your trust in any kind of situation
  • Make you happy all the time and solve your problems
  • Help you to improve your strength and qualities
  • Tell you weakness and shortcomings in alone not in public and help you to overcome it
  • Never judge you as others do
  • Never make fun of your weakness
  • The way he observes you id different than the others
  • Give you the best suggestions and also tell you the outcome of those things
  • Help you in sports, academics and other activities if he is good in any field.
  • Never leave you in a failure situation

What is a true best friend

We have already discussed it that what is a true best friend and what is best friendship. But if you want to define in one sentence that what is best friendship and true best friend then you can say that the one who keeps happy his friend happy more than himself is a true best friend. The friendship that is not settled on personal issues or selfish reasons is called the best friendship. For the rest of the definition of it, you can read the above post and everything will be clear to you. This post will open your mind and help you to think like a best friend and also helps you to catch the true best friend in your life so that you will never get hurt by your friend.

Girl best friend definition

What is a true best friend
Girl best friend definition

This is a good topic because if you are a man then you search for the girl best friend definition. If you have any friend who is a girl then you can also become the best friend of that girl. According to the research it came in forward that two boys can be a true best friend but girl-boy friendship is better than the friendship of the same sex. Because the opposite gender attracts each other very much. So that a girl and a boy will be closer and understand it very well.

Then people also ask a question that sometimes it happens that we are not able to do an open talk with a friend who is a girl. So the answer to this question is that if you are not able to talk to your friend openly then it means you are not a best friend. You are just a formal friend. When you will be the true best friend of anyone then automatically you will be able to talk openly without any kind of shyness or fear. This is a human fact and proved by the researches of the universities.

What is best friendship
Girl best friend definition

How can you be the girl best friend

According to the research we have brought these points for you

  1. Loving and caring nature- This is very important because girls love it most
  2. Good talking sense- If you are opening your mouth and throwing out a bull shit then really girl is going to away from you
  3. Dressing sense must be good- It is very common and understandable that dressing sense reflects your personality and girls love attractive personality
  4. Hygiene and clean- This is a very important factor because girls love hygiene and cleanliness more than the boys
  5. Sense of humor must be high- If you have a good sense of humor then definitely girls want to talk to you and enjoy your company
  6. Make her feel special – This is a way to make anyone attracted towards yourself
  7. Spend some time together and share things- It will increase the understanding and create positive emotions that are required for any relationship
  8. Never judge her based on others comment- This is what girls hate the most
  9. Take her opinion on a different matter and give her importance- It reflects how much she is important for you
  10. Do enjoyment with her- Brings happiness in the friendship

Best friend quotes

Quates can never explain true best friend but it gives some catchy lines that show the importance of our best friendship.

Really sweet definition a best friend forever

Girl best friend definition
Girl best friend definition

Best friends always stay happy in the happiness of the true best friend. I think this is the really sweet definition of a best friend forever. If you have any other sweet definition then please do comment and let us know about it. That will improve our knowledge.

What to do when you are not your best friend’s best friend

You cannot do many more thing but you can put some effort into make your best friends best friend. There are some steps you need to do if you want to become the best friend’s best friend. So here is what to do when you are not your best friend’s best friend

  • Talk to him and get the reason why he is not your best friend from his side
  • Try to talk to him more on that topic and clear misunderstanding if it exists there
  • After getting all the information you can plan some moments together
  • Never leave him in a problem and adversities
  • Always support him and show him the right path for the success
  • See what others are saying to him about you
  • Enjoy your time with him and make your happy in all situations
  • At last, if you are not getting a positive result, be normal and wait for some time more

Who is your best friend

This question that who is your best friend sometimes makes you scratch your head with your nails. This seems a simple question but actually, it is not. People usually take the name of the person with whom they spend more time. But it is not like that. The one who is your best friend will never leave you in problems and difficulties but maybe that one will be not with you in a happy time. Someone said that the one who loves you never leaves you in problems but that one can stay away from you in a happy time. Comment one sentence for your best friend and let us know who is your best friend. Waiting for your comments friends.

Bestfriend or best friend

Girl best friend definition
Girl best friend definition

This is very simple to say what you want bestfriend or best friend. The answer is really funny becasue if I have to choose one from my bestfriend or best friend then I will choose my bestfriend, not a best friend. Because bestfriend is written together as we want to stay together but a best friend is separated that’s why we don’t want to choose it. I know it is funny but acceptable. So comment on what you want bestfriend or best friend. Let see what kind of funny answer we will get.

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Friends do comment and let us know what you think about this post.such as girl best friend definition and other factors. I hope you enjoyed this post and get some quality knowledge.


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